BACHPAN: Children’s Annual Theatre Festival
Synopsis :

“Knowledge is accumulation of the past: Learning is always in the present” 

Learning Through Theatre: Theatre-In-Education (TIE): The necessity of interactive paradigms vis-à-vis education system in India has been pointed out by many eminent scholars, teachers and educationists in the last two decades. Though, the emphasis on the appropriate model and the process of teachers training had remained the major concerns in most of the debates but diminutive consideration of the model and the training process is been discussed, employed and written about. Creative, as a term has become trite and Interactive is only a terminology used for normative teaching practices, contradicting its own meaning per se.

Within this perspective, this festival would endeavour to nourish Theatre-In-Education (TIE) as a movement and a theatrical method, which formulates the most noteworthy development in contemporary theatre. In a short period of time, TIE has animated and enthused and at times, unnerved actors and teachers alike thereby provided a methodology for Creative Teaching and Creative Learning by creating a bridge between Theatre and Education. In harnessing the technique and imaginative potential of theatre, TIE can provide an intensely absorbing and challenging experience and a stimulus for further work on a chosen subject, be it local history, racism, health or language learning. 

Schedule :

Venue : Atelier Theatre
Director : Kuljeet Singh

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