Synopsis :

ACT: Atelier’s ACT Fest aka Atelier’s Campus Theatre Festival is the most awaited Youth Theatre Festival in India.  Till date this festival has witnessed more than 370 performances in 10 seasons. The Season 11 in 2018-19  will showcase the best of Campus Theatre with emphasis on vernacular theatre as well along with unique revived forms like dastangoi and red nose clowning.

In Season 10, the ACT Festival (February-March, 2017) we saw more than 70 performances, engaged 30,000 people directly and the total outreach is around 2,00,000 across four cities: New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata & Chandigarh through print ads, hoardings, posters, online and radio. 

Schedule :

Venue : Atelier Theatre
Director : Kuljeet Singh

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