Synopsis :

EUREKA! Eureka is an interjection used to celebrate a discovery or invention. Eureka is a full-time three-month-long theatre training programme, catering to beginners who wish to engage rigorously with theatre as a form. The classes would run 5 days a week from Monday to Friday (2-8pm, with one self day) and the participants will be expected to read, watch and practice theatre during their stay at the school.  

There will be two productions which the participants will be creating under the guidance of the facilitator/director of Atelier. One in-house short theatre production to begin with, leading to a professional full-length production which will be performed at reputed venues in Delhi/NCR. Besides, a week-long module on acting-for-camera will also be offered to participants in this programme.

Duration: 3 months (Mondays to Fridays 2-8pm)                

Seats: Eight (8)



·         Skills in Theatre & Film acting

·         Understanding the process of translating the Text into a Performance

·         All round confidence in stagecraft

Future Opportunities

·         Joining Atelier Repertory Company (ARC), a professional body of artists for one production as an actor/off stage/production et al.

·         Joining Theatre Educational programmes as an actor-teacher.

·         Regular updates on auditions for theatre, TV and cinema work.

PS: Two seats for participants interested in Direction

Schedule :

Venue : Atelier Theatre
Director : Kuljeet Singh

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