Synopsis :

PRAXIS Praxis is an action driven one year full-time theatre programme by ASDA. It is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of aspiring actors who intend to carve a niche for themselves in theatre and film industry in India and abroad. This two-semester programme focuses on actors’ training with regard to perfecting voice and speech; understanding body dynamics; developing flexibility and playfulness and last and the most important, creating intelligent individuals who can think, create and perform.

The first semester of the programme will focus on hard-core training which will involve theory and practice: understanding the forms/styles/genres of performances; learning the relationship between body and space; sensitizing the self employing traditional and contemporary methods; thereby developing a sense of performance through engaging in rigorous performance enhancing exercises. Alongside, an attempt will be made to widen the critical ability to analyse and grow a sense of performance and performativity.

The second semester will organically collate the understanding created in the first semester and build it up into a theatre production and a short film. The play will be performed professionally for public and it may also tour to different cities, depending upon the time frame of the school and artists.  

Duration: 1 year (6 months of training & 6 months of performance)

Seats: Three (3)



·         Training of an actor equipped with performance for stage and screen

·         Experience with specific focus on needs of the film industry.

·         Show-reel for films and cinema

Future Opportunities

·         Joining Atelier Repertory Company (ARC), a professional body of artists as an actor.

·         Support for television & cinema related projects.

·         Joining Theatre Educational programmes as an actor-teacher.

Schedule :

Venue : Atelier Theatre
Director : Kuljeet Singh

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