WTP aka Weekend Theatre Programme
Synopsis :

WTP aka Weekend Theatre Programme is the flagship programme by ASDA, catering to working professionals from diverse backgrounds. We have successfully completed 16 batches and the seats are reserved much well in advance, sometimes, as early as 5 months.

As the name suggests, the rehearsals for WTP happens on Saturdays and Sundays in the evening (4-7pm) and the 100 hour training in theatre and stage culminate into a production by the participants in a professional auditorium like Akshara Theatre/LTG/SRC. 

Atelier’s Weekend Theatre Programme (WTP) got started after receiving enormous requests and suggestions from the friends of Atelier who have a full time career in a non-theatre zone and want to follow their passion alongside, devoting time in a constructive vocation. We took a call and designed the programme which is rigorous and interesting. It’s a perfect mix of theory and practise, suits the needs of a working professionals, students, teachers and actors in the age bracket of 16-50.

Till date we have completed 20 batches of WTP and it has helped the group sustain itself by generating human resources and funds. Moreover, participants who undergo the brief training eventually become a sensitive theatre audience and a few also continue with theatre work with Atelier and outside as well. 


Duration: 8 weekends (Saturdays & Sundays 4-7pm)        

Seats: Twelve (12)



·         Capability of performance

·         Understanding of Theatre & Stage

·         Self-Confidence and Communication skills

Future Opportunities

·         Working with WTP Repertory Company, an amateur group of actors who work on weekends regularly read & create plays and stage theatre productions.

·         Regular updates on auditions for theatre, TV and cinema work.

Schedule :

Venue : Atelier Theatre
Director : Kuljeet Singh

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